Walk your pets with ANYHILL electric scooter

The modern pet-owning community is no longer a minority. With more than 70 million pet owners in the United States, there are also more veterinarians, groomers, and service providers working to make sure that pets live long, healthy, happy lives. The…

ANYHILL Scooter: The best choice for daily commuting

ANYHILL and Lightwalker Tech Co. Ltd. established in 2017, which is a professional manufacturer and exporter of electric scooters and other sporting toys since 2015. With an internationally advanced development center, we strive to maintain the leading position in the…

5 Benefits of the E-Scooters You Should Know About

Electric scooters have become ubiquitous in major cities like Paris, Madrid, and San Francisco, serving as a symbol of modern urban transportation. We’re now seeing a definite upward movement in the market. We can’t overlook the reality that some people…


CISION PR Newswire CISION PR Newswire ANYHILL UM-2 electric scooter is equipped with a 750W (rated 450W) rear wheel motor that allows you to reach a maximum speed of 19mph and maximum range of 24-28 miles at ease. The strength…


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