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General Inquiries

E-scooters are smaller both in carbon and physical footprint, allowing the riders access to places that cars cannot reach, quickly and efficiently. Anyhill is aimed to provide fit-for-purpose yet durable e-scooters that highlight simplicity, safety, and reliability with a manageable size and weight. Since 2017, We believe that e-scooters have great potential to provide sufficient urban mobility without unnecessary energy consumption, moving the focus away from polluting cars and congested public transport use and driving our society towards a healthier way of living.

Different countries/provinces/states have different laws in place to govern the use of electric mobility devices. Please check with your local regulators. Always wear a helmet, riding in bike lanes, and always following the rules of the road. By purchasing a scooter from AnyHill, you accept our terms and conditions and confirm that all research regarding the legal status of electric scooters is the customers’ responsibility.

Please follow the following steps to find out if electric scooters are legal in your area:

STEP 1: Consult online resources

E-scooter law changes often make the news, and most jurisdictions have an online legal code database. These tools are often the most comprehensive, but are occasionally misleading. Different laws apply to different classes of electric scooters, such as sit-down scooters and rentals.

STEP 2: Consult a legal expert

Online resources (including this one) do not count as qualified legal council. Talking to a lawyer or other experts may clarify the status of e-scooter laws in your area.

STEP 3: Consult experienced riders

The people with the most familiarity with e-scooter laws are people in your area who ride e-scooters! Reach out to a local club or riding group and see what they say.

For any additional questions, please let us know.

If you place an order, we will ship it within 48 hours on business days. Customers can receive it in about 3-6 days.

First of all, Make sure the protective helmet is wearing properly, strictly follow the regulations and rules, never lose focus of your surroundings while riding. Pay attention to pedestrians, oncoming traffic, and other barriers. You have to be extra careful to prevent accidents.

Be aware of barriers (include potholes, bumps, and crevices). These are one of the major reasons for e-scooter accidents. Concentrate while riding, slow down, or full stop if necessary. If stopping is not possible, immediately head towards a less crowded area or stay away from traffic. Be aware of puddles as well. Puddles might seem to be harmless, but they can be rather dangerous. They could hide holes and other crevices that could lead to a serious injury.

Be extra conscious while riding an e-scooter on slippery and wet surfaces such as marble tiles, metal surfaces, wet streets, and muddy sidewalks. Water makes it more difficult for the tires to provide sufficient tractions, walk your scooter instead of cruising on wet terrain if necessary.

For more safety instructions, please check our AnyHill Safety page for more info.

We use kalarna as a third party financial service provider gives you more option to spilt your payment on our products, please contact us if you have any questions.

Yes, after reaching a certain purchase quantity, there will be a corresponding discount. Please contact us for more information.

Thank you for reaching out! At the moment we are receiving dozens of applications every day and our team is working hard to go through them. While we cannot provide you an exact timeframe, but we will get back to you ASAP.

Product FAQs

When you purchase an Anyhill e-scooter, you receive a charger, hex wrench, valve extension for tire inflation, and instructions manual included in the box with your scooter. By purchasing a new scooter, you also get a 12-Month Warranty. Full details about our warranty policy can be found here: https://anyhill.com/Warranty

1. You re-download the ANYHILL APP. when the system prompts you ANYHILL need to link the phone Bluetooth, remember to click ” Ok”.

2. When you select Bluetooth, please remember to select the Bluetooth starting with the letter HW.

3. Enter the Bluetooth pairing password.

4. The UM-1 password is 384651. The UM-2 password is 649735.

No, this is part of the scooter, no matter how advanced the scooter rider you are. It’s a safety feature to ensure that if you accidentally hit the throttle, your scooter won’t zoom away without you.

It is not recommended to exceed the maximum load as it will negatively affect the driving performance and lowering riding speed and range, be less safe, and increase the chances of maintenance problems with the e-scooter.

All our products are rated IP54. This rating essentially demonstrated near-complete protection from particles as well as water resistance from water projected by a nozzle. In summary, they are completely protected from any condition you can expect under outdoor use, from dust to rain and puddles.

We strongly recommend you store your e-scooter or park it in a safe place away from long exposure to rain or direct sunlight to prolong the life of your scooter. Keep it safe and dry.

Yes, using the AnyHill e-scooter as a kick scooter wouldn’t damage your motor or batteries, however, with the built-in magnets of the high-performance motor wheel, you will have to push against these magnets but don’t worry this won’t damage your e-scooter.

You will need 4-5 hours to fully charge your battery. In cold conditions, you’ll need to charge them longer because the ions that provide the charge do not move properly in cold weather.

Colder temperatures can damage lithium batteries and affect their ability to store and release energy. Lithium batteries rely on chemical reactions to work, and the cold temperature can slow those reactions from occurring.

The ideal temperature for our lithium batteries’ performance is 80F/30C. When the weather goes down to 50F/10C then performance drops by 30%. Anything under 50F/10C and the performance can drop down very dramatically.

Please avoid keeping your scooter outside in cold weather and make sure to keep it charged regularly, the performance will improve as the weather gets warmer.

You cannot take an AnyHill e-scooter on a flight due to the size of the battery. This applies to most electric scooters unless the battery size is less than 160Wh. The battery size of AnyHill UM-1 is 270Wh, you could double-check with your carrier and local laws to see if it’s allowed on a flight.


Your folding mechanism needs to be tight so the stem doesn’t wiggle when you ride. Sometimes it may get stuck, but don’t worry this is a quick and easy fix! You just need to alleviate some of the tension from the stem on the folding mechanism: While still pushing down the folding latch, simply smack the stem forward (just beneath the handlebars/display) and your scooter will fold right away.

Your tires should last for at least a year of reasonable use which is about 400-600 miles.

You can find your product serial number on the right side of the scooter body, if you have any questions reguarding to product serial number please contact us.

Payments FAQs

If you want to place an order, please proceed the following steps:

  1. Choose the product you want and add it to the shopping cart;
  2. Click the “check out” button, and choose your payment method;
  3. Fill in the recipient’s address and other information;
  4. Finish the payment after redirected to a payment page;
  5. Receive an order comfirmmation email, order complete.

Why my credit card payment wouldn’t go through?

Please check the following to see if any of listed common issues applies:

  1. Restart your browser and reattempt entry of the order.
  2. Please ensure that your card is validated for online transactions.
  3. Card information are entered correctly.
  4. Use of correct billing address inline with the card issuer.
  5. All characters are entered in plain text and not containing special characters.
  6. Double check the expiration dates of your card.
  7. Use of correct and valid shipping address.
  8. Check with your bank to see if there is a hold on the payment.

If none of the above applies to you, please contact us.


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