Walk your pets with ANYHILL electric scooter

Anyhill is suitable for those who have pets. 

The modern pet-owning community is no longer a minority. With more than 70 million pet owners in the United States, there are also more veterinarians, groomers, and service providers working to make sure that pets live long, healthy, happy lives. The problem owners usually meet is walking the pets like dogs. It seems not hard. But the owners always feel exhausted, especially after a day of work. Maybe there’s some way easier to walk the dogs. Having an ANYHILL electric scooter is a good choice.

The reason why a pet owner should have an ANYHILL electric scooter

1、3 speed models meet various speed requirements.

 Different pets have different exercise needs. Small and medium-sized dogs are lively and active but not very fast runners. Large pet dogs, on the other hand, have a huge amount of exercise and are very fit. You are not full of energy all the time to go out with them. So ANYHILL UM-2 electric scooter’s multiple-speed modes can meet the needs of different pets in motion and will not put pet owners in the predicament of not being able to catch up with their dogs.

2、Oversized deck design allows you and your pet to stop crowding.

A wide deck also allows for a steady ride. You can also take a scooter ride home with your exhausted pet. The wide deck provides plenty of space for you.

For small and medium size pets, there are you and your cat/dog on the scooter. 

You can use this as a means to move around and explore your surroundings. It is important that you remember to clean up after your pet because it has paws that can get dirty. 

3、Detachable batteries make distance no longer a limitation.

No matter how sporty your pet is, I’m sure the interchangeable batteries will cover all your needs with the mileage they can provide. The extra distance will no longer keep you and your pet from having fun.

The ANYHILL UM-2 uses a removable LG Lithium-ion battery with Fast-charge technology. A 5-hour charge gives you an outstanding 28 Miles range, extendable to up to 50 Miles with its 5 lbs replacement battery. Never get stranded again! ANYHILL’s batteries are manufactured by well-known brands, with high quality guaranteed. You don’t have to worry about experiencing battery failure when riding.

4、High-brightness anti-glare LED integrated headlight, specially designed to extend your night visibility.

It is a high-quality headlight with super brightness and great heat dissipation ability, which provides clear and stable vision even in the dark. It is easy to install, and clean. Illuminates up to 35 feet, and complies with the K-MARK (StVZO) standards and urban safety regulations for you to ride at ease.

Bright lights allow pet owners with different work schedules to walk their dogs at different times of the day. You can safely share the wide open streets and peaceful atmosphere with your pet in a dark environment.


Overall, ANYHILL UM-2 electric scooter’s performance is outstanding in all aspects, even though it’s such a new brand.

And it has to be said that the design of the ANYHILL UM-2 electric scooter is really suitable for people who have pets. After all, exercising with your pet may be considered one of the owner’s daily worries.

Highly recommended ANYHILL electric scooters, will not be a disappointing choice for you.


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