ANYHILL Scooter commuter tips for beginners

Recognize that if you are new to the world of e-scooter commuting, it might be a frightening concept — the traffic can be much worse during peak hours than on your Sunday morning trek!

We want you to feel as safe as possible and to make the most of your everyday travel. Here are some of our top scooter commuting tips.

Top 6 Tips for Scooter Commuting

1. Safety Check for Your Scooter

Check the tire pressure regularly and make sure it is enough to maintain a safe riding condition. If the pressure of your tire is too low, you will be able to notice a decrease in the steering ability. You should also check that the tire treads are not worn out or damaged. Also, you should check the wheel balance if it is not correct.

Keep Your Scooter Clean You should clean your scooter frequently. The dirt on the scooter can accumulate quickly and cause the vehicle to become unsafe.

If you already own a scooter, make sure you check it out thoroughly before riding it. You never know if it will come in handy someday. Although scooters have been around for years, there are still a few things that can go wrong with them.

It makes sense to double-check everything before you ride off into the sunset, so be sure to check your equipment and your settings. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

2. Plan and Practice the Route Ahead of Time

Planning and riding your route before your first day of work is a great way to reduce stress. You can use your phone to navigate while riding if you download the route to your phone. If you want to go on a more peaceful route, choose a longer route than a shorter one on busy roads. The journey should be as easy as possible.

3. Gear Up for the Ride

We have an amazing range of equipment to make getting to work as simple as possible for you and your things. Depending on how much you need to bring, your choice of approach will be determined.

A spare tube, tools, a wallet, and a thin shell are some of the things that can be carried in a scooter bag. If you need to carry more, a backpack or messenger bag might be the better option. They can be used to transport small items such as a change of clothing and lunch.

4. Make Yourself Visible

It’s a scooter commuter tip to make yourself visible. Scooter users don’t need to be reminded to maintain their visibility. If you’re tired of having to refill the batteries frequently or worry that they will run out on the way home, you should look for a generator that will generate electricity from the energy of your spinning wheel. It won’t make a big difference to your performance.

5. Knowing the Rules of the Road

Knowing the Road Rules of the scooters is a must before you get on your way. Check out the following list of road rules that are relevant to the scooters: The speed limit for e-scooters in all municipalities is 20 km/h, but this can vary depending on the type of road and the area you’re driving through. The speed limit on sidewalks is 10 km/h, while it is 25 km/h on roads with bike lanes. The speed limit is 30 km/h on the highway.

Knowing the Road Rules of the scooters can make your rides much more enjoyable. The rules are similar to those of bikes, but there are a few differences. You’ll want to know the road rules of scooters as they can help you avoid trouble and stay safe on the road. 

6. Lock Your Scooter Exactly

It doesn’t matter what type of scooter you ride, you are still vulnerable to theft. Do you want a lock that is thin and durable? The clerk at the shop will do the selection.

A scooter lock fastened around the pole is useless if it’s not used daily.

If your scooter gets damaged, it’s easy to fix; if it’s been stolen, it’s not that easy to find.


There is no denying that riding a scooter to work is the most enjoyable mode of transportation; we hope the tips for scooter commuters have made you feel better equipped for your daily commute.


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