Accessories That Every Electric Scooter Rider Needs

Riding electric scooters is an enjoyable and cleaner way to commute, we have found a few of our favorite e-scooter accessories below, for every electric scooter rider’s needs. These accessories will make your ride more enjoyable, and help keep you and your scooter safe while on the road.

Helmet For Electric Scooter

Safety is always the top priority when riding any form of transport and this is no exception with electric scooters. Just like riding a bike, A helmet is an essential piece of safety equipment that you can own, always wear one when riding a scooter. Even the most experienced e-scooter riders need to wear one.

Safety Vest

Safety vests are designed to make you highly visible to others, especially when you are commuting in the dark. They are brightly colored with reflective patches and are worn over the top of your clothes, these are highly recommended if you are riding on busy public roads.

Knee and Elbow Pads

You could also wear knee and elbow pads, especially for beginners, to ensure the highest safety from falling when riding your electric scooter.


A good pair of riding gloves makes a massive difference for quality-of-life when riding a scooter. In the winter, they will help to keep your hands warm. In the event of a fall or crash, especially at higher speeds, they can help to keep the skin on your hands.

Phone Holder

A phone holder for your electric scooter is a handy accessory for any scooter rider. Not only gives your phone a place to sit while you’re riding but also displays our AnyHill app for showing your riding speed and much more, you can also use mobile navigation with ease which is extremely useful and allows you to continue riding and finding new routes without getting lost. If you own a UM-1 and haven’t connected to the AnyHill app, we recommend you download it for your UM-1 from our website.

Keeping Your e-scooter Clean

Keeping your e-scooter clean is important to keep it well maintained, therefore, investing in some good e-scooter cleaning products is a good idea. Riding your e-scooter regularly, especially in the winter months, outdoor riding can cause mud and dirt to build up and becomes hard to rinse off, so give it a proper clean regularly to prevent the dirt from building up.

When cleaning your electric scooter, microfiber wipes are highly recommended, besides, the use of other cleaning tools like paintbrushes, toothbrushes, and bike wash (suitable for e-scooters) is also a great way to keep your e-scooter clean.

Tire Valve Extender

A tire valve extender is a short length of tubing that extends the reach of your pump. Many electric scooters have valves that are recessed into the wheel, making them inaccessible. All AnyHill scooters come with an extender that suits your needs.

Keep Your Electric Scooter Locked Up

The UM-1 and UM-2 both come with a safe and easy folding mechanism which makes it easy to carry around with you. However, if you need to keep your e-scooter outside, using a scooter lock is a good idea.

There is a wide range of locks at various prices, including chain locks, cable locks, and U-locks. Some locks are more secure than others. Cable locks, for example, can be easily cut so we don’t recommend them.

In Conclusion

If you love riding your electric scooter then why not add some of these useful accessories to your scooter? Sharing the road with cars is probably the most dangerous aspect of your commute, making safety-related accessories the most important on our list. Owning the right accessories will keep you comfortable, at ease, and help to protect you physically.

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