Reignite the passion– Mike Weyland

What’s on your list of things you want to do when you retire? See what Mr. and Mrs. Weyland have to say.

Start uncovering new experiences in retirement with Anyhill Scooters

Both Mike nor his wife haven’t ridden a e-scooter for nearly 30 years, but now they’d love to try with Anyhill Scooter. And they found Anyhill does help them uncover wonderful experiences and create more memories on regular days. Being together for 28 years, and they are always on the go, raising kids and working. Now they retired and often cruise around together with Anyhill Scooter. Mike said “Just like, we are back to being teenagers dating again.”

Bring a whole new world that we had no clue existed

Anyhill has provided an option of taking the scooter to different places creating new memories and finding more enjoyable scenery where you live. There is nothing more surprising than being brought to a whole new world that we had no clue existed.

For the Newfound Free Time

Transform your day-to-day routine and keep your spirits young with Anyhill Scooter! You can fold and pack it in your RV/Van or put it on the boat and ride in different areas through docked. Experience the newfound free time with your loved one. And make mini adventures out of your trips with Anyhill Scooter.


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