Does Low Temperature Really Affect E-scooter’s Range?

Temperature is one of the most important parameters controlled in the electric scooter’s battery system, but also the most important parameter affecting the performance of the battery, in all the testing system of the battery, the temperature must be indicated, the reason is that the temperature has a relatively large impact on battery performance, including the internal resistance of the battery, charging performance, discharge performance, safety, life, etc.

So how much does temperature really affect electric scooters? And how does it affect electric scooters?

The effect of temperature on the charging of lithium batteries

1. As the temperature decreases, the average discharge voltage and discharge capacity of lithium-ion batteries are reduced, especially when the temperature is -20 ℃, the battery’s discharge capacity and average discharge voltage decreases faster.

2. The best use temperature of lithium batteries is 0 to 35 degrees Celsius. Low temperature environment will reduce the activity of lithium ion, the battery discharge capacity becomes weaker, and the use time is shortened. If the lithium battery is in a low temperature

environment for a short period of time, this damage is only temporary and will not damage the battery capacity. When the temperature rises again, the performance will be restored.

3. However, if the battery works and charges and discharges in a low temperature environment for a long time, it will also cause permanent damage to the battery capacity. Like the low-temperature hand machine will automatically shut down, on the one hand, for reasons of battery protection, on the other hand, is also due to their own battery aging.

the low temperature is one of the most important factors causing the electric scooter range

1, low temperature causes the battery charging and discharging capacity is poor, while the battery storage capacity will also decline, the dual factors, electric scooter car winter range is down.

2, low air pressure, compared to other seasons, air pressure is also higher, so the winter air density is also greater, the density of the riding process wind resistance will also become larger, resistance to high power consumption is high, the electric car range is short.

3, the impact of low winter temperatures is not only wind resistance, but also tire pressure problems. Due to the characteristics of thermal expansion and contraction, the vehicle tire pressure in winter will generally reduce the resistance to increase, not only caused a lot of energy consumption, but also accelerate the wear and tear of tires.

Because the battery voltage platform is lower when discharging at low temperature, it will cause a significant reduction in capacity under low temperature, but this loss will be automatically compensated for with room temperature charging and discharging, which is a reversible loss, but for low temperature charging, the temperature is too low or the multiplier is too large will cause the irreversible formation of the cell Rie dendrites and irreversible capacity loss, and affect the safety performance of the battery.

how to protect the electric scooter in winter

If you don’t ride electric scooter in winter

1、Store the scooter at room temperature and find a dry place to avoid moisture.

2、 To avoid battery discharge and ensure battery life, it is recommended to charge it regularly to keep the battery power in the range of 40%-60%.

3、 Turn on the electric scooter every few weeks Let the wheels turn for a few minutes to exercise the battery.

If you ride your e-scooter in winter

1. Your electric scooter is not as strong as you think

When parking, try to choose a canopy that can block the wind and rain, or cover it with a poncho. On the one hand, it can prevent the wind and sand from entering the motor, which can easily cause damage to the motor, and on the other hand, in rainy weather, prevent any water vapor from entering the motor, which can cause malfunction and short circuit.

2. Don’t feed your motorized scooter “eat too much”

Generally we charge the electric scooter is a charge a night, which causes multiple charging, we try to stop as full as possible according to the trip, and do not wait until the battery is used up and then charged, to avoid excessive charging and discharging lead to shorten the battery life.

3. Do not let your battery “hungry for too long”

Even if the scooty off the power, but part of the scooty  is still working, so the battery power is also decreasing, long time not ride may lead to lower battery capacity, affecting the battery life, so remember to give your battery “plus meal” .


If you still want to ride e-scooter in winter, please try to avoid wet, slippery, muddy roads. Don’t expect the same range as in summer. Scooter’s range will be reduced in low temperatures.If you do not ride it in the winter,please take good care of it for next spring to use.


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