Electric Scooter Power Supply Adapter AnyHill Battery Charger


42V 1.7A 71.4W Scooter Battery Charger Power Supply Adapter For AnyHill UM-1 Electric Scooter

  • Before charging, please connect the DC terminal to the scooter before connecting the AC terminal. After charging is complete (LED indicator turns green), unplug the AC terminal and then unplug the DC terminal.
  • Please do not fully discharge the battery; charge your battery before it drains. This will help prolong the lifespan of your battery.
  • If your battery is not in use for a long time (2-3 months), charge the battery before use. Please make sure the battery is not damaged.
  • Please use the charger in a dry place without direct sunlight.
  • After charging or charging is complete, be sure to unplug the DC terminal and AC terminal.
  • Please consult professionals before using this charger on a different model of scooter. DO NOT use this charger on a LiFepo4 battery, or the charger will become very hot.
  • Battery Type: Lithium battery
  • Working power: 90-230Vac, 50~60Hz
  • Applicable battery voltage: 36V
  • Output voltage: 42V (for lithium-ion battery only)
  • Output current: 1.7A
  • Battery protection: SCP, OVP, OCP, OTP
  • Charging mode: constant current – constant voltage – le flow (floating charging) three-stage intelligent charging
  • Charging efficiency: ≥85% (full load)
  • Working temperature: 0 °C ~ +40 °C
  • Storage temperature: -20 ° C ~ +85 ° C
  • LED display: red (in charging state), green (fully charged)
  • Packing:
    1 x 42V 1.7A charger
    1 x US/EU standard power cord

(Note: 1. Please allow a slight 1-5mm difference due to manual measurement. 2. Due to the different display settings of monitors, the pictures as shown on our website may vary from the actual color of this item. Thanks for your understanding.)

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