In this video, we show you the unboxing, the assembly of the vehicle and its accessories. Here are a few tips for maintenance and care.

 As part of AnyHill’s new Kids electric scooter range, the UM-3 combines fun with safety and usability. 

 Engineered with a powerful 350w durable hub-motor, UM-1 can easily reach 16 mph, travel up to 16.8 miles, and max load of 220 lbs. 

AnyHill: Conspicuous in color and quality in the great e-scooter test. After unboxing, I check the scooter for agility, braking, speed and climbing.

Anyhill UM-2 is an adult electric scooter combined with the latest fashion elements and demand of the market.

AnyHill UM-1 is designed to be exquisite, powerful, and sturdy. We stand behind our products with confidence! The warranty granted to every unit sold.

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