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Established in 2017 by a team of passionate, experienced engineers and industrial designers, AnyHill is highly focused on offering ideal electric transportation tools for global customers, to promote a traffic-free, fun to ride, safe to travel, environmental-friendly lifestyle, and reform the image of urban personal mobility.

Our team is a talented group with a shared vision of delivering great products and services for our customers. We believe that e-scooters have great potential to provide sufficient urban mobility without unnecessary energy consumption, moving the focus away from polluting cars and congested public transport use and driving our society towards a healthier way of living.

We strive to fulfill our customers’ needs, and precisely maneuvers state-of-the-art technology in producing premium personal electric scooters, with rich industrial experience, demand-driven product design innovation, integrated production process, global retail distribution, and comprehensive supply chain support. We devote ourselves with diligence and commitment, providing outstanding product qualities, comprehensive safety features, and esthetic designs at competitive prices, with a manageable size and weight.

Design, Functionality,
And Workmanship

Here at AnyHill, we are dedicated to developing electric scooters with the perfect balance between modern technologies and uncompromised craftsmanship, provides high-quality, safe, and reliable products for our customers.

To consistently create new products that suit your need, we focused on feedback from every customer, your opinions are important to us for improving our products and design.

With a deep understanding of customers’ needs and extensive experience in personal electric transportation engineering, our team is passionate about combining modern sleek design elements with the latest technology to create a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. Making our product convenient tools for the trip and providing a superb riding experience.

Is A Breeze​

Taking freedom of movement to a whole new level, no more frustration in the traffic jam with a space-saving, low emission alternative to travel during peak hours, e-scooter becomes one of the most suitable solutions which stand out from the crowd.

With AnyHill, you can skip the traffic quickly and conveniently, while reducing the carbon footprint of car use in urban environments. We are striving to provide innovative solutions that help you advance in personnel mobility, the access to freedom.

AnyHill brings compact in size, eco-friendly, last-mile transportation to global commuters, provides you a Fit-for-Purpose, car-free alternative for your trip, giving you the freedom of urban mobility with ease.

Create A Cleaner World, With A Cleaner Tool​

We keep asking ourselves, what exactly we can do, to create a cleaner, healthier future for our next generations, and here comes our answer. We believe efforts need to be made to preserve a sustainable environment for our children, we also believe every move counts towards that direction.

Instead of traditional petroleum-powered transportations, environmental footprints can be significantly reduced if more electric-powered alternatives were used, it would be great to choose a personal e-transportation which consumes less energy, we aim to create energy-efficient, ‘Green’ personal transportation alternatives.

AnyHill would like to continue offering accessible and affordable personal e-transportation products. You can accelerate the advent of clean energy consumption by choosing electric alternatives, together with everyone who shares the same value, we can pave the path towards a brighter, greener, and more sustainable future.

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Email Address: support@anyhill.com

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